A glimpse into the future of Android


Google and the Open Handset Alliance have released the early look SDK to allow you to build applications for the recently announced Android open platform for mobile devices. You’ll also find a fair amount of supporting information, including sample code, reference information and more. There are also a number of videos that show some prototype applications and capabilities of the application, including support for touch screens, 3G connectivity, VGA graphics, and accelerated 3D graphics.

Also of interest are the prototype Android devices. As you watch the videos and digg around the site, you will see some of these (two pictured below).

Google Android concept
Google Android concept

To promote interest in the platform, Google has launched the Android Developer Challenge with USD$10 million in prize money. The first challenge will accept submissions from January 2 through March 3, 2008. The fifty most promising applications will each receive USD$25,000 to fund further development and have the opportunity to win more money down the line.

The first Android-powered devices are expected in mid-2008.

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