Weekend fun: Pocket Mini Golf 2 – Winter Wonderland

Pocket Mini Golf 2 - Winter Wonderland

Are you done your Christmas shopping? If yes, how about a game of golf? The latest expansion pack for Pocket Mini Golf 2 features snow and ice and other seasonally appropriate wonders. Wrap up warm and play through this brilliant new golf course. The new features make for a totally different golfing experience. Challenge your friends, 6 players can compete in Winter Wonderland…who will slip up first?

The expansion pack features 18 brand new holes, snow (have you ever tried hitting a golf ball out of snow? Can you even see the ball?), ice (very slippy, you’ll need to adjust your stroke power to compensate), winter scenery like snowmen and winter fir trees, weather effects like snow and hail, and more.

Pocket Mini Golf 2 – Winter Wonderland is available for USD$9.95 from our affiliate Clickgamer. Note that Pocket Mini Golf 2 is required to play the expansion pack.

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