Acer to undercut ASUS Eee pricing?

The DigiTimes is reporting that, according to its sources at notebook OEMs, Acer’s upcoming competitor to the ASUS Eee PC 900 series will sell for at least USD$50 less. The ASUS Eee PC 900 series is expected to start at about USD$499 for a model with an 8.9-inch display while comparable Acer models will start at between USD$400 and USD$500. Acer will use its strengths in of economy of scale and lower purchase costs to drive its prices below those of ASUS.

The article goes on to indicate that ASUS has decided not to engage in a price war but will bump up the release of it new models to get a head start against Acer.

Acer is not the only competitor that ASUS will have. HP is also expected to bring its Eee-competitor to market around the same time.

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