SlideIT: Sliding text entry software for Windows Mobile

Tired of pecking away at your software keyboard on your mobile device? Does sliding the stylus sound easier? If so, have a look at SlideIT. SlideIT is a breakthrough, speedy and intuitive way to write text on touch screen enabled devices. Instead of the current method of tapping each letter on the screen, the user points to the first letter of a word and slides the stylus to the subsequent letters. It combines sliding, prediction and graffiti to deliver a text input method that promises that speeds of more than 50 words per minute are easily achievable.

It works on all Windows Mobile devices with a touchscreen. It is currently available in three languages: English, French and Hebrew with more promised.

A YouTube video shows SlideIT in action.

SlideIT is available for USD$40 directly from Dasur. A trial version is also available.

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