Asus confirms upcoming Eee PC 904

ASUS Eee PC 904

A day after rumours about the Eee PC 904 surfaced, Asus confirmed that it would in fact release such a model. With the confirmation came some additional details. The latest Eee PC will be known as the 904 HD.

Asus confirmed that the Eee PC 904 HD will use the same body as the Eee PC 1000. It will feature the same keyboard as the 1000 models but will come with an 8.9-inch display (and a pretty fat bezel around it). The HD designation indicates that it will come with a hard drive rather than an SSD as current models in in the 900 family. The capacity of the hard drive and other specifications were not disclosed.

Asus also confirmed that the 904 HD will not replace the 900 or 901 models but is instead aimed at a different type of consumer.

The Asus Eee PC 904 is expected within a matter of weeks and will sell for about £250 (approximately USD$500).

Asus did not confirm the rumoured Eee PC 905 though.

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