Asus Eee Monitor revealed in pictures

Asus Eee Monitor

Back in January, Asus announced plans to grow the Eee PC family with a desktop PC (now revealed as the Eee Box), the E-TV (a set of 42-inch and larger TVs) and an E-Monitor, an all-in-one PC. The last, now known as the Eee Monitor, has been outed in a series of pictures.

The all-in-one design comes with a kickstand and will be available in both black and white if the pictures are any indication. There are no specifications to go with the pictures but these do reveal a few details. The Eee Monitor will come with a webcam and two USB ports and a card reader on the right side. The back features four more USB ports, Ethernet and phone cable ports, audio connectors, power input, and a Kensington lock port. A Denon logo suggests Denon speakers and amplifier.

Asus had earlier indicated that the Eee Monitor would come with a display running between 19- to 21-inches and a built-in TV tuner. Pricing is expected to fall around USD$499.

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