Asus Eee PC desktop to be called EBOX?

Rumoured Asus EBOX

Asus appears set to formally unveil its Eee PC desktop at the upcoming Computex show in Taiwan. Leaked information to the Inquirer has revealed the name of the device as well as some specifications details. Both the name and specs conflict with those of an earlier leak though.

Formerly known as the E-DT, Asus will introduce it as the EBOX when its makes its debut on June 3rd. In terms of specifications, the Inquirer has learned that it will forego the SSD for a 160GB hard drive and will come with 2GB RAM and the same version of Linux as on the Eee PC. The Inquirer also confirms that the EBOX looks like the leaked images we saw earlier.

One detail that was not revealed was whether Asus will continue to use the Celeron processor (its original plan) or if the EBOX will come with an Atom processor instead. Originally expected in April or May, the delay may be in part to Asus having decided to offer an Atom processor instead.

When Asus first revealed plans to expand the Eee PC brand into desktop, it indicated that it was aiming for a price point of between USD$200 and USD$300. Hopefully they are on target.

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