Samsung SSD hits 256GB capacity and speeds of 200MBps

Samsung looks set to deliver on its promise and maybe even slightly ahead of schedule. Samsung has announced that it has developed a 2.5-inch 256GB SSD that features speeds of up to 200MBps read access and 160MBps sequential write access. Once introduced, the Samsung’s 256GB SSD will mark the largest capacity SSD from the global market leader in SSD sales, effectively eliminating density as a barrier to SSD adoption in the consumer space.

Using multilevel cell (MLC) technology rather than the current single-level cell (SLC), Samsung boasts comparable speeds and reliability at a significantly cheaper price. The drive will also come with data encryption capabilities to ensure that security is not compromised.

Samsung expects to start mass production by the end of the year with samples being available in September. A 1.8-inch version is set to follow by the end of the year.

No prices were revealed but that’s probably better for our health and wallets.

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