Bell Mobility introduces real-time traffic information to its GPS Nav service

Bell Canada

Getting around traffic jams in Toronto and Montreal just got a bit easier for Bell Mobility users. The company has just announced that its GPS Nav service has been enhanced to include traffic commute data. For example, if a traffic incident occurs on your route, you will get an alert and the service will provide an alternate route (in Toronto only at this time).

The GPS Nav service also added a new mapping feature that will give you a colour coded view of traffic congestion. For example, 2D map areas highlighted in red indicate that traffic is moving at less than 50km/h. Streets will be marked in yellow where traffic is moving between 50 and 79km/h and in green where traffic is moving at more than 80km/h.

The GPS Nav service with traffic enhancements is available on the BlackBerry 8830 World Edition and BlackBerry 8130 Pearl for CAD$10 per month, as well as the following phones for CAD$8 per month: Samsung m610, Sanyo 7050 and LG Muziq. The service can also be accessed on a daily basis for CAD$3.50. Data charges are additional.

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