BlackBerry Thunder user interface still in development?

The Boy Genius sources within RIM are reporting that development of the BlackBerry Thunder, RIM’s first touchscreen device and touted iPhone killer, is far from being complete and the company still has much work to do with the interface. The latest software build is described as a joke by the source. He describes problems like an annoying keyboard, a screen that ripples as soon as it is touched, a slow responding interface, a wonky accelerometer and more.

The source indicates that it will be another four or five months before the BlackBerry Thunder is ready for the market. If so, it will likely miss its original release target of Q3 2008.

The same source alluded to the fact that the development of the BlackBerry Bold followed a similar path. With about five months to go, RIM apparently faced an equal number of issues with the Bold as it does with the Thunder. Hopefully, RIM will be able to work out the kinks in time for us to see the Thunder in 2008.

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