Rogers Wireless introduces CAD$30 per month promotional 6GB data plan

Rogers Wireless

Rogers has introduced a new limited time promotional iPhone data plan. Whether Rogers is bowing to the howls of protests from customers or simply cranking up the marketing machine remains a mystery though.

While there is still no unlimited plan, the new promotional iPhone data plan will cost CAD$30 per month and offer 6GB of data. Customers will be able to add it to any current voice plan. The plan will be available for customers who activate their iPhone 3G from July 11th to August 31st. It will require a three-year service contract (like all other iPhone Rogers plans).

Rogers also announced that a select number of Rogers locations will open at 0800 (local time) on July 11th for advance purchases. These locations are:

  • Toronto: 112-10 Dundas Street East
  • Montreal: 1015 rue St. Catherine Ouest
  • Ottawa: 690 Bank Street
  • Halifax: Unit 265, 7001 Mumford Road
  • Calgary: 5244 Falsbridge Gate, NE
  • Vancouver: 2097 West Broadway

Also starting on July 11th, the Apple iPhone will be available online at and through select Rogers Plus, Rogers Video, and Rogers Wireless stores as well as selected Rogers Wireless dealders such as WirelessWave and Wireless etc.

Rogers also denied rumours that Apple was displeased with Rogers and even taking steps to divert some iPhone stock away from Canada to other countries.

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