Computex: E-TEN announces dual-SIM Glofiish DX900 and three other Glofiish

E-TEN Glofiish DX900

E-TEN announced the Glofiish DX900, its first dual-SIM Windows Mobile handset to support HSDPA and EDGE, during Computex today. At the same time, it unveiled the Glofiish V900 with mobile TV support which it had announced back in February, the Glofiish X900, and the Glofiish X610.

The Glofiish DX900 supports dual-SIMs, giving users the ability to run two mobile services from one device. While complete specifications were not revealed, E-TEN has revealed that the DX900 supports both 3.5G (UMTS/HSDPA) and 2G (GSM/EDGE) connectivity and comes with a VGA touchscreen display, built-in GPS, Wi-Fi, and a 3MP camera. Earlier leaks suggest that it will also come with a 533MHz Samsung processor, 128MB RAM and 256MB ROM, an FM radio, a front-facing 0.3MP camera, and a microSDHC expansion slot.

Announced back in February at the Mobile World Congress, the Glofiish V900 comes with support for DVB-H, DVB-T, TDMB and DAB broadcasting standards, a VGA display, HSPDA and GSM connectivity, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, built-in GPS and a 3.2MP camera. It will be powered by a 667MHz Samsung processor and Windows Mobile 6 Professional with E-TEN’s new touch-based user interface.

The Glofiish X900 promises the best mobile experience and comes with UMTS/HSDPA connectivity and a VGA display. I would guess that it would replace the X800.

E-TEN also announced the Glofiish X610 aimed at the more value-conscious consumer. The only confirmed specification is the built-in GPS. It is probably going to replace the X600.

All the new Glofiish will come with Windows Mobile 6.1 and a new touch interface that revolutionizes the way users interact with their Glofiish phones though gestures, finger-friendly icons and 3D animations.

E-TEN did not disclose release date and pricing information for any of these new devices.

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