Computex: MSI unveils MSI Wind PC


Aside from the MSI Wind U100 notebook, MSI also unveiled the MSI Wind PC.

MSI Wind PC is based on new generation platform which is designed for a mix of performance, low power usage, size and affordability which is suitable for mobile applications or for users who leave their computers on 24-hours per day.

MSI revealed only a few details about specifications. It will come with 802.11b/g Wi-Fi, a Gigabit Ethernet port, a DVD drive, support for 7.1-channel audio, a built-in TV card (you can toggle between TV and computer use), a multi-format card reader, and a 160GB SATA hard drive. It will be powered by an Intel Atom processor and and Intel 945GC chipset. MSI did not reveal memory configuration but earlier reports suggest that it would come with 1GB RAM.

The press release focuses heavily on the power efficiency and quiet of the Wind PC. About 83% smaller than a standard ATX-based chassis PC, it uses the MSI ultra-low-power platform to consume no more than 35W while in use. While running, it also generates no more than 30dB of noise.

Unfortunately, there is no word yet from MSI on when it will be available, where and how much it will cost.

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