Firefox achieves 20 percent worldwide browser market share

Mozilla Firefox

The Mozilla Foundation announced that its Firefox browser achieved a 20 percent worldwide market share for two weeks in October 2008. Web statistics site Net Applications shows Firefox with a 20 percent share the week of October 5th and a 20.06 percent share the week of October 26th. It’s quite an achievement for a browser that was first released back in 2004 at a time that Internet Explorer completely dominated the landscape and appeared unbeatable.

Firefox had a 19.97 percent market share for the entire month of October, up 0.51 percent from September.

For fun, I had a look at the Gadgetorama browser numbers for October. Internet Explorer led the way with a 46.92 percent share, followed by Firefox with 42.52 percent and Safari with 3.83. Newcomer Google Chrome already shows a 2.88 percent share.

Congratulations Firefox!

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