HP Mini 1000 revealed

HP Mini 1000 netbook

HP is set to unveil a new Mini-Note netbook and we now know it will be called the HP Mini 1000. The new netbook is shown on a banner on the U.S. HP online store but the new netbook is nowhere to be found elsewhere on the site (yet).

Details are slim at this point. From the banner, we can see that the new Mini 1000 has ditched the aluminium case of the Mini-Note and opted for a black plastic body instead. It will measure less than 1-inch in thickness and weight starts at 2.25 pounds. The 1000 designation suggests that the display will be 10-inches rather than 8.9-inches on the Mini-Note.

There is no word about whether HP will continue to use VIA processors (if so, hopefully using the new Nano processor rather than the C7-M). Resolution of the new 10-inch display and storage options are also unknowns at this time.

Prices are set to start at USD$399, indicating that at least two models will be offered.

Source: The Technicist

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