Intel announces Atom processor series for mobile devices


Intel announced today that its latest line of low-power processors will be known as the Intel Atom processor family. Codenamed Silverthorne and Menlow during development, the Atom processors are designed specifically for mobile Internet devices (MIDs) and other Internet-centric devices. The Intel Atom processor is based on an entirely new microarchitecture designed specifically for small devices and low power, while maintaining the Intel Core; 2 Duo instruction set compatibility consumers are accustomed to when using a standard PC and the Internet.

The Atom will be offered in two versions. The first version, based on the Silverthorne core, will offer clock speeds up to 1.8GHz and a power consumption up to 2.5-watt. The second version will be based on the Diamondville core and will run faster but at a higher power consumption. Both will use Intel’s 45nm process with hi-k metal gate technology.

Intel also announced the Atom Centrino platform (codenamed Menlow during development) which will consist of not only the Atom processor but also a low-power companion graphic chipset and chipsets for Wi-Fi, 3G and WiMAX connectivity options.

Products using the Atom processor and Atom Centrino platform are expected to be announced later in the year.

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