Acer to acquire E-TEN

Acer Inc., the world’s third largest PC vendor, announced today that it is acquiring E-TEN Information Systems, the designer and manufacturer of smart handheld devices such as the Glofiish M810 and V900.

Mobility is in constant evolution. To stay ahead of the changes, the technology and applications must adapt to the true needs of business and consumer users alike.

The acquisition of E-TEN is in line with Acer’s expansion strategy and follows the recent acquisition of Gateway and Packard Bell, further strengthening its foothold in the fast-evolving mobile communications segment and completes Acer’s range of mobile solutions.

While Acer has released PDAs in the past, the E-TEN acquisition will let the company move into the smartphone space, a market that Acer expects to grow by more than 30 percent by 2011.

The acquisition will cost Acer about NT$9 billion (about USD$291 million) and is expected to close in Q3 2008.

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