iPhone goes on sale in Ireland and Austria

Apple iPhone

As announced earlier, the iPhone went on sale today in Ireland. But it was joined by a launch in Austria as well, expanding official iPhone availability to a total of six countries now.

In Austria, two plans will be offered by T-Mobile: The Classic and the Supreme. The Classic (€39/month) will give you a 3GB data maximum, 1000 minutes, and no SMS messages. Instead, each SMS will cost 25c. The Supreme (€55/month) also limits your data to 3GB/month, but gives you unlimited voice and unlimited SMS. Both come with Visual Voicemail support. A two-year service plan is required.

Over in Ireland, three O2 Ireland 18-month service plans are offered. The first, available for €45/month, will offer 175 minutes and 100 SMS. For €65/month, you will get 350 minutes and 150 SMS. €100/month will get you 700 minutes and 250 SMS. All three plans come with a 1GB data plan. Visual Voicemail is unsupported at this time and will not be offered (at least initially).

In both countries, the 8GB iPhone will sell for €399 and the 16GB one for €499.