iPhone USB Sync-Charge Cradle and Echo Screen Protector from Proporta

Proporta iPhone USB Sync-Charge Cradle

Proporta has introduced a version of the USB Sync-Charge Cradle for the iPhone. This handy product plugs into a standard USB port and includes AC power input with LED indicator for fast charging using your standard AC power supply (not included with this product).

The Proporta iPhone USB Sync-Charge Cradle is available for USD$24.95 directly from Proporta.

Proporta also announced the Echo Mirrored Screen Protector for the iPhone. When your iPhone display is switched on, the Echo acts as a simple (yet brilliant) screen protector, but as soon as your display backlight is switched off, the screen protector acts as a mirror meaning you can look almost as good as your iPhone will.

The Echo Mirrored Screen Protector is available for USD$9.95 also directly from Proporta.

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