iPod touch firmware 2.1 now available

Apple iPod touch

While iPhone users will need to wait until Friday to get their hands on the new firmware version 2.1, iPod touch users can now download it via iTunes for their devices.

If your iPod touch is currently running a 1.x firmware, you will need to pay USD$9.99 for the new 2.1 firmware. Firmware 2.0 users will be able to get the upgrade for free. The upgrade will also be free for iPhone users.

The iPod touch firmware upgrade enhances the speed at which App Store applications can update themselves, icons of updated applications now remain in their original position, and adds some small enhancements to the Podcast manager.

The iPhone firmware upgrade will have the iPod touch fixes as well as enhancements and fixes specific to the iPhone, including reducing the number of dropped calls, better battery life, and promises fewer crashes related to App Store applications.