Quebecor looking for partners for Canada-wide network

In the last Canadian wireless spectrum auction, Quebecor grabbed the majority of new spectrum (about 40MHz in all) offered in Quebec. It also won a number of licenses in Ontario but failed to secure enough spectrum to cover the country. As a result, its plans to build a national carrier took a hit. But Quebecor is back now, announcing that it is ready to negotiate with other companies to set up partnerships to access each others’ networks.

Two likely companies to enter such negotiations are Globalive Communications Inc. and Data & Audio-Visual Enterprises Wireless Inc. which were both shut out of Quebec. Globalive has already indicated that it wants to have its network up and running by the second half of 2009.

The Globe & Mail article also indicates that Telus and Bell Mobility are still looking at a cost-sharing alliance that would see the two companies upgrade their networks (possibly to HSPA as indicated earlier) and suggests that a decision is likely to happen before the end of the year.

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