Let R2-D2 deal with your trash

R2-D2 waste basket

For the Star Wars fan that must have the complete collection, you can now add another piece to your collection with the Giant R2D2 Waste Basket.

Remember when Luke and Leia and the gang were stuck in that trash-compactor aboard the Death Star? And the walls were closing in and there was some kind of gross muck monster down there and everything? Well, remember how R2D2 hacked into the computer system and stopped the contractor from crushing everyone, saving the day like a little robot hero? Pretty awesome, right? But you know what the moral of that story was? R2D2 knows how to handle some trash!

Made of PVC and plastic, R2-D2 stands 61 centimeters (24 inches) tall and his center foot is a pedal that opens his dome to reveal a basket with handle. If you think that dealing with trash is below R2-D2, you can always fill the basket with ice and cold drinks.

The Giant R2D2 Waste Basket can be yours for USD$148.00.

Source: Coolest Gadgets

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