Microsoft misses Windows Mobile license goal for 2008 fiscal year

Windows Mobile

Andy Lees, Microsoft senior vice president for its Mobile Communications Business unit, confirmed in an interview that Microsoft came up short in its goal to sell 20 million Windows Mobile licenses in its 2008 fiscal year which ended on June 30. The company sold more than 18 million licenses, leaving it with a 2 million license shortfall against the goal it had set for itself last year. The shortfall was attributed to delayed device shipments by some OEMs but Less would not reveal which ones they were.

Despite the shortfall, Microsoft saw Windows Mobile device unit sales grow faster than the overall market. This led to an increase of its market share of the worldwide mobile phone operating systems to just under 13 percent (up from just over 11 percent a year ago). Lees also touted IDC research that shows that Windows Mobile device sales are ahead of those of competitors such as RIM and Apple.

Source: PocketPC Thoughts

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