Mio to unveil first Windows Mobile GPS-enabled 3.5G handset in early 2009

According to DigiTimes sources, Mio will unveil its first 3.5G mobile phone in the first quarter of 2009. Mio is working to release the new device ahead of the nüvifone to be offered by their competitor, Garmin, also due in the first half of 2009.

Details about the new device are slim. DigiTimes reports that it will be powered by Windows Mobile Professional with the Spirit touch user interface. Mitac, Mio’s parent company, is developing Spirit. It will also come with 3.5G connectivity, GPS, and a 3.2MP auto-focus camera.

Mio is also planning to release a GPS-enabled MID in early 2009. The device could run on the Windows CE operating system and would sport a 7- to 8-inch screen and 3G connectivity.

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