Mobius 2008 covered by the::unwired

Mobius 2008, Microsoft’s by-invitation-only (how do I get myself invited is the question?) Windows Mobile conference, is now underway. Arne Hess from the::unwired has posted a summary of the events of the first day. A Day Two will also be updated throughout the day.

Among the highlights of Day 1 were a presentation on the Xperia X1 smartphone running Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional. Interestingly, Sony Ericsson indicated that the XPERIA line is not tied to Windows Mobile, suggesting that we could see future models running different mobile operating systems. As well, it was confirmed that the commercial version (is there a consumer version also coming?) of the XPERIA X1 will use a Qualcomm chipset with an ATI graphics chip with OpenGL support. A launch in the second half of the year was once again reaffirmed.

Arne’s recap of the MWg product product made no mention of Windows Mobile 7 as did a previous presentation. Perhaps an NDA is in effect?

The Mobius guests also got to see the HTC Diamond Touch. And they all received an HTC Advantage 7510!

So far, Day 2 has seen a Zune presentation.

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