ASUS readying Asus Eee 901 with Atom processor?

We knew this day was coming. According to French-language, ASUS is readying its first Atom-powered Eee PC and they have the pictures to prove it. It’s not clear which Atom processor will be used though.

ASUS Eee PC 901

The Eee PC 901 shows some differences from the Eee PC 900. Overall size seems to be roughly the same but the 901 is more rounded than the 900. The dual microphones have been moved to below the screen and the LED displays are moved closer together. The track pad appears to be framed in a metallic finish and new function buttons now appear above the keyboard. The Kensington Lock is now located next to the network port.

The Eee PC 901 is expected to use the same 8.9-inch display as the Eee PC 900.

There are no details as to any other specification changes (eg, storage capacity) or pricing. But we know that ASUS is working to have it out in June.

Note: The ‘More information’ link is in French. [Google translation]

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