More details about upcoming Android phones

Google Android

At a developer event, Google showed off a few new details about its open source Android mobile operating system. While a great deal more information will be revealed next week when T-Mobile unveils the HTC Dream (which it will offer as the G1), Google’s Mike Jennings showed off a few applications.

Venture Beat sources also report that the T-Mobile G1 will be in stores on October 17th. The Wall Street Journal also reports that it will sell for USD$199 with a service contract.

Meanwhile, Google confirmed that Sprint is looking to release its first Android-powered phone sometime in 2009. It will feature “other functionality” and could come in a completely different form factor (ie, it’s not expected to be an HTC Dream variant).

Google is also busy drumming up its Open Handset Alliance and invited Asustek Computer to join, hoping to lure the manufacturer to its new platform.

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