More rumours of Asus Eee PC with touchscreen


Remember those rumours that a future Asus Eee PC would get a touchscreen? Those rumours were quickly put to rest by none other than Jerry Shen, president of Asustek, shortly thereafter. But, you can’t keep a good rumour down.

DigiTimes is again reporting that sources at touch screen panel makers are telling it that ASUS may in fact use touchscreens in some Eee models to be launched in the second quarter. ASUS is looking to use resistive touchscreen technology to keep costs down. This would allow ASUS to offer touch capabilities while adding only about USD$10 to the cost of manufacture.

It sounds to me like ASUS may have decided earlier in the year to push adding touchscreen capabilities out a bit but that it never completely ruled it out. Planning the next round of upgrades is likely underway and the option may be back on the table.

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