New information on upcoming Sprint and Verizon HTC Touch Diamond and Pro

PhoneArena has landed some new details about the upcoming Sprint and Verizon versions of the HTC Touch Diamond and Pro.

The HTC Touch Diamond will be offered by Sprint as the HTC Victor and the HTC Diamond by Verizon. Interestingly, the two versions will be quite different. The Sprint version will be powered by a 528MHz processor with a Qualcomm 7501A chipset and will come with 256MB RAM, 256MB ROM and 4GB of internal memory. The Verizon version will use a 400MHz processor with Qualcomm 7500 chipset and come with 128MB RAM, 256MB ROM, and a microSD card slot instead of the internal memory. The Verizon version will also lack the accelerometer and will be EVDO Rev.A upgradeable (rather than already having it).Lastly, the Sprint version will have an aluminium frame while the Verizon one will be stainless steel.

The HTC Touch Pro will also be offered by both in slightly different configurations. Sprint will offer it as the HTC Herman and Verizon as the HTC Raphael. The specifications line up pretty well with those of their respective HTC Touch Diamond cousins except that they will both have 512MB ROM, an SD card slot and an aluminium frame.

Contrary to earlier rumours, Sprint will only start to offer the HTC Victor in early September with the Herman to follow a month later. Sprint is also expected to have exclusivity for 30 days, pushing out Verizon release dates to October at the earliest.

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