O2 UK announces Pay & Go plan for Apple iPhone 3G

Apple iPhone 3G

O2 UK has revealed details of its Pay & Go plan for the Apple iPhone 3G. For a single price, customers will get the iPhone as well as unlimited browsing and Wi-Fi for 12 months (in the UK only). Once the year is up, customers will have the choice to renew their unlimited browsing and Wi-Fi for a monthly fee or simply unsubscribe. A minimum top-up of £10 will also be required each month.

The 8GB iPhone 3G will be available for £349.99 and the 16GB one for £399.99. After the 12 months, keeping the unlimited browsing and Wi-Fi will cost £10 per month.

One downside to the plan is that visual voicemail and call merging will not be available.

The iPhone 3G with Pay & Go plan will be available starting on September 16th.

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