Roaming Wi-Fi 802.11r standard gets approved

While we still wait for the 802.11n standard to be certified, you will be happy to hear that the IEEE has ratified a different standard. The primary intention for 802.11r is in mobile phones and other mobile devices that use VoIP telephony. The new standard, also known as Fast Basic Service Set Transition, allows for transitions between access points to occur in less than 50ms, a time interval small enough that it will ensure that VoIP calls are not dropped.

To date, the 802.11 standards all revolved around a single access point. As a result, moving from one access point to another and re-establishing an authenticated connection could take as long as 100ms, enough time for a call to be dropped.

I just want to know if this means that the IEEE now has enough time to ratify the 802.11n standard.

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