T-Mobile expects to sell 500,000 HTC Dreams in 2008

T-Mobile G1 logo

According to some information received by Android Guys, T-Mobile is expecting to sell just over 500,000 Google Android-powered HTC Dreams in 2008 alone. It also looks like T-Mobile will indeed go with the G1 name that we first learned about earlier this month.

Rumours of a pre-launch sale persist and Android Guys expect that T-Mobile will only have a limited quantity of about 25,000 units available (other rumours suggest 60,000 units). The G1 should then hit the street in October.

Pricing also falls in line with what we learned earlier. A new customer should expect to pay about USD$200 with a two-year service contract. It will also sell for USD$399 without a contract. Pre-sale buyers will be able to get it for USD$150 with full discount.

Android Guys also have landed the T-Mobile G1 logo (pictured here).

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