Rogers and Fido iPhone data plans leaked?

Apple iPhone 3G

If a leaked data sheet for iPhone data plans offered by Rogers Wireless and its Fido subsidiary turns out to be genuine, we could finally see mobile data plans start to align with those offered by U.S. carriers. The document shows a CAD$30/month Consumer Data Plan that comes with unlimited web, email and Visual Voicemail. The Enterprise Data Plan would cost CAD$45/month and add corporate email access. The document does not indicate whether the plan also covers third-party applications. Voice plans for the iPhone 3G would be the same as those currently offered by Rogers and Fido.

The document also confirms that the iPhone will only be offered with a three-year contract. Customers will need to activate their iPhone 3G at Rogers, Fido or Apple stores. Only the latter will have the option of not unbricking the iPhone at time of purchase, letting customers do it later through iTunes. Customers will also be limited to a maximum of three iPhones at Rogers and Fido stores.

The 8GB and 16GB iPhone 3G will sell for CAD$199 and CAD$299 respectively with the aforementioned three-year contract. The same price will also apply to customers who already have a Rogers plan and qualify for the upgrade (determined based on standard upgrade eligibility rules.). The leaked document does not disclose how much the iPhone will cost for Rogers customers who do not qualify for the ugprade.

Rogers had hinted earlier that it would overhaul its mobile data plans. It remains to be seen if the new plans will only be available only to the iPhone or if they will be extended to other devices (Expect some howls of protests if they are not).

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