Rogers Wireless iPhone pricing angers Apple?

Rogers Wireless

A rumour has surfaced that Apple might not be too thrilled with Rogers Wireless over the iPhone 3G service plan pricing that Rogers unveiled recently. There has been a strong customer backlash against the pricing and it appears to have caught Apple’s attention. So just how angry is Apple?

  • First, there are more people that have now signed the online petition protesting Rogers’s service plans than the total number of Apple iPhones allocated to Canada in the shipment for July 11th.
  • Extra staff that had been hired for stores to handle the expected rush have been fired without notice. These employees were to have been paid in part by Apple.
  • Last, it appears that a large percentage of the initial Canadian shipment will be redirected to Europe, leaving Rogers stores (What about Apple stores though?) to receive no more than 10 to 20 units in time for the launch.

If this turns out to be true, is Apple really expressing its displeasure to Rogers or is it reducing its expectations for the Canadian launch and redistributing units to areas where it expects greater demand?

Source: The Boy Genius Report

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