SBSH PocketWeather 2.0 for Smartphones released

SBSH PocketWeather

SBSH Mobile Software has released PocketWeather 2.0 for Windows Mobile Standard, the Smartphone version of its weather reporting and forecasting application. This follows the release of the Pocket PC version a short while ago. It features a robust weather engine wrapped with a stylish and easy to use interface. Including a customizable Today plug-in that helps you view the weather in multiple locations and the powerful WeatherConsole for advanced weather information with details such as: humidity, wind details, cloud layers, METAR stations information, earthquake details and much more!

PocketWeather 2.0 adds features that include a WeatherConsole (with six separate views that include summary, METAR data for pilots and aviation fans, forecast and different location comparisons views), integration with the newly released Facade 1.4 Home screen plug-in for Smartphone devices and custom layout scripting to allow for layout customization.

SBSH PocketWeather 2.0 for Smartphones is available of USD$12.95 from our affiliate Clickapps. A trial version is also available.

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