Solid state drive to hit 1.6TB capacity by end of the year

No, that is not a typo! BiTMICRO announced that its upcoming E-Disk Altima E3S320 solid state drive (SSD) will be offered in capacities ranging from 16GB up to an incredible 1.6TB. The announcement comes on the heels of their CES announcement of an 832GB SSD.

The 3.5-inch form factor SCSI drive is expected to deliver a sustained data transfer rate of up to 230 MB/sec (320MB/sec in burst mode). It is able ot operate in temperatures ranging from –40 degrees C to 85 degrees C and can sustain shocks up to 1500Gs. The drives are intended for military, industrial, and enterprise applications.

The E-Disk Altima Ultra320 SCSI SSDs are expected to start shipping in the third quarter. Pricing (as if us mere mortals could afford one) has not been announced yet.

Source: Engadget

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