Sony reverses decision and offers “Fresh Start” for free

Sony just announced a new service called “Fresh Start” that would allow buyers to opt out of having trial software software installed on their TZ ultraportable.

Opt for a Fresh Start and your VAIO PC will undergo a system optimization service where specific VAIO applications, trial software and games are removed from your unit prior to shipment. Fresh Start safely scrubs your PC to free up valuable hard drive space and conserve memory and processing power while maximizing overall system performance right from the start.

Many rejoiced until they realized that they would have to pay USD$49.99 for the privilege. Many hardware manufacturers such such trial software (better known as bloatware as far as I’m concerned) to subsidize the price of their hardware. Sony, in its infinite wisdom, simply chose to let everyone know that that it was passing on the cost to us.

Fortunately, Sony has changed its mind and is now offering the option for free. Sony acknowledged that the uproar caused by the news helped drive the reversal.

Sony will also roll out the service to other Sony VAIO computers starting in the spring.

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