VITO updates Zoomboard screen keyboard

VITO ZoomBoard

VITO Technology has released a new version of ZoomBoard, its onscreen keyboard with zoomed preview. The popping up magnifying glass provides an instant zoom-in on the keyboard area under your finger. Sliding technology allows for accurate and quick text input. ZoomBoard typing is misprint free!

ZoomBoard 2.0 adds two new zoom modes. Lens zoom appears above the keyboard, Float zoom appears straight above the letter you press and the full one zooms in the whole keyboard with letters. Try all of them and decide which one you like most and which one suits you the most. It also adds SmartZoom, a feature that lets you zoom the pressed letter either immediately or with a delay.

The new version also comes with gesture support and with a number of new layouts, providing some 32 layouts for different languages. The landscape mode has also been improved to stretch across the screen.

VITO ZoomBoard 2.0 is available for USD$9.95 from our affiliate Clickapps. A trial version is also available.

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