Sprint to launch Palm Treo 800w on July 13th?

Rumoured Palm Treo 800w

A leaked Sprint inventory sheet suggests that the Palm Treo 800w will launch on July 13th. This information supports the information posted by WMExpert at the beginning of June. The sheet also a date of July 9th at BP. It’s not clear what BP stands for but it could be business partners or Brightpoint, a distributor.

The Treo 800w is expected to be powered by an ARM1136 processor with Qualcomm MSM6800 chipset and Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional. It is also expected to come with EV-DO Rev.A connectivity, a 320×320 touchscreen display, about 100MB or program memory and 170 of storage memory available, Wi-Fi (with dedicated button), Bluetooth, GPS, a 2.1MP camera and a 1150mAh battery.

The Palm Treo 800w will sell for USD$599.99 according to the inventory sheet but WMExperts expect that this will drop to USD$249.99 with contract and rebates.

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