T-Mobile releases OTA firmware update for G1

T-Mobile G1

If you own a T-Mobile G1, it will likely soon prompt you to upgrade your firmware.

Firmware version TC4-RC29 115247 comes with a number of fixes and enhancements, including:

  • Wrong field is focused when keyboard is opened in Messaging application: Now when the keyboard is opened, the focus will default to the compose (text entry) field.
  • Cannot associate with Wi-Fi access point using shared WEP key: Should now be able to associate to access points with a shared WEP key
  • Browser does not launch YouTube video when Settings > Enable Javascript is unchecked
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth occasionally disconnect while charging
  • Email notification doesn’t disappear when the Email has been read (POP/IMAP Email client)
  • New Email notifications not received (POP/IMAP Email client)
  • Amazon MP3 fix for files with underscores (_) in the filenames
  • And more

The firmware is being distributed in a random fashion so if you have not yet received it, it should soon be on its way.

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