The company behind the new Bell Windows Mobile 3G smartphone interface

Bell UI for Windows Mobile 3G smartphones

Just who is behind the new user interface just announced by Bell Mobility for its HTC Touch Diamond and other upcoming Windows Mobile 3G smartphones? It turns out that it’s none other than Pointui, the company behind the free Home user interface.

It was a pleasure and a privilege to work with Bell Canada and Microsoft in the development of the Bell User Interface.

Pointui Home is a free replacement Windows Mobile interface designed with controls large enough to manage with your finger or your d-pad. Home is designed to allow easy viewing of critical information on one screen with quick access for locking the device, changing sound profiles, wireless, battery and general settings. It features an Applet Ribbon to let you easily access applications like tasks, appointments, and weather updates.

Pointui is also working on Home 2.0, which will be offered in both free and paid versions (the current version is free). The paid version will add additional functionality.


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