T-Mobile upcoming device roadmap?


T-Mobile appears set to release up to 16 mobile devices between June 16th and August 1st, according to TmoNews.com. The documents they apparently obtained are not final versions though so things could still change: The document from which we snatched this data is indeed internal T-mobile, however usually it is more of a good guess of what will happen, rather than an set-in-stone depiction of upcoming launches.

Among the devices on the list are the Shadow II and Shadow III (could that be the HTC Raphael?), the BlackBerry Bold and BlackBerry KickStart clamshell (it seems a bit early for both of these), and the Nokia Rokr E8. The list only shows 13 devices. What could the three missing devices be?

The list does not have any availability dates or prices unfortunately.

It could be a very busy summer for T-Mobile if this turns out to be accurate.

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