June 2008 Rogers Wireless product roadmap?

Rogers Wireless

First it was T-Mobile, now it’s Rogers Wireless’ turn to have its summer product roadmap revealed. According to The Boy Genius, Rogers Wireless is planning at least four new devices in June. But there is no sign (yet) of the iPhone.

First up could be the HTC Shift as early as May 22nd. It would sell for about CAD$1,500 with a three-year service contract. Then, sometime in June, the BlackBerry Bold, Motorola E8 and Motorola W755r could all be announced. One device that will not make the cut is the BlackBerry 8320, instead offering the BlackBerry 8120 and BlackBerry 8820.

The Boy Genius also reveals that Fido, a Rogers subsidiary, will launch the Motorola ROKR U9 as early as this month.

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