The Albatron Tee PC: The latest netbook or tablet PC? Or both?

Albatron Tee PC

A company called Albatron Technology has announced the Tee PC, what it calls its first mini tablet PC. Whether the name implies that it intends to compete against the Asus Eee PC in the crowded netbook market is not clear but it is certainly an interesting entry in a crowded market. The “Tee PC” comes ready-to- use straight out of the box with all the hardware and software you need, including a docking station, power adapter and a touch pen. With its wireless and Bluetooth capabilities, it promises to give you anytime/anywhere web browsing, email and other network conveniences.

Powered by a 400MHz processor and ARM926 processor and Windows CE 6.0 (not to be confused with Windows Mobile 6). It comes with a 7-inch touchscreen display (800 by 480 resolution), 128MB RAM and 128MB flash drive, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, an SD card slot, and a 0.3/1.3MP swivel-mounted camera. It also comes with a docking stand that comes with 2 USB ports and an integrated speaker. A software-based keyboard. Wordpad, Media Player and Internet Explorer are pre-loaded on the flash drive. It measures 18.8 by 11.3 by 1.29 cm (7.4 by 4.4 by 0.5 inches) and weighs 343 grams (12.1 ounces).

Albatron claims that the Tee PC can decode H.264, MPEG4 and VGA at 30 fps. using its graphics facilities.

The company has not revealed pricing and availability details yet although it indicates that the Tee PC is ready for the market.

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