The top 20 most useless gadgets

Reevoo, a company that publishes product reviews written by people who purchased the products, surveyed about 4500 British customers to find out what the most useless gadgets were. While not focused on mobility, it makes for some humorous reading. And it might also guide you as to what to avoid when shopping for a loved one. The lifecycle of the average gadget is just over one year, largely because 62 per cent of folk admit they frequently buy gadgets only to get them home and find they are completely useless.

Among the top 20 were electric candles, fondue sets, face steamers, egg slicers and back scratchers. I’ll leave you in suspense as to what gadget topped the list.

Is there any gadget that you think should have made the list? Or is there one on the list that you could not live without?

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