Update for Ilium eWallet now available

Ilium eWallet

Ilium Software has released a small update for eWallet. If you aren’t having any trouble with eWallet 6.0, don’t worry about getting this one. It just cleans up a few things, corrects a couple of specific problems, and improves on a few things like graphic installations.

eWallet 6.0.1 comes with improved startup speed, an extra Vista icon, improved error messaging, the Auto Backup feature now does a backup whenever you close the wallet, and a few minor tweaks. The upgrade is free for eWallet 6.0 users.

eWallet 6.0.1 is available for USD$19.95 from our affiliate Clickapps. eWallet 6.0 Professional bundles a desktop version of the software (with the ability to sync up the two) for USD$29.95 and is also available from our affiliate Clickapps. Trial versions of both are also available.

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