VsNotepad 2.1 for Windows Mobile released


Virtual Spaghetti have released a new version of VsNotepad for Windows Mobile. Like a real notepad, it comes with multiple pages that you can easily scroll through. Take notes, edit notes, review notes, it’s all there in one simple to use solution. It also comes with tracing and drawing tools, reminder notes, a multifunction calculator, and more.

Version 2.1 features an updated user interface, the ability to create books (each with its own icons, name and paper color), a new information page icon, improved memory management and a number of bug fixes. Already compatible with Windows Mobile 5.0 and 6.x, it now adds compatibility with the older Windows Mobile 2003.

VsNotepad 2.1 is currently available for USD$29.49 (it goes up to USD$39.95 at the end of the month) from Virtual Spaghetti. A trial version is also available.

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