Weekday fun: Creatonia now available for free


Creatonia is an RPG that was first released in 2006. After winning the Great Gods Uprising Tournament and establishing yourself as the best fighter, you find yourself without a goal in life. That is until you and your old Master get into an argument. In the heat of the moment you declare you’ve learned all the secrets of the fighting art, and are able to make a new champion out of the least experienced warrior by the next tournament. So, unexpectedly you’ve got a new aim of you [sic] life. With 28 apprentices, each with their own characteristics and unique life story, to choose from, over 150 world areas to explore, more than 400 item types, 13 races and 13 classes and an Old Master watching your every move, you have a challenge on your hands.

Here is the good news: Inscenic is starting work on a sequel and, to celebrate, has announced that Creatonia is now available for free. Enjoy!

Creatonia is available for free directly from Inscenic.

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