White HTC Touch lands at Bell Mobility

HTC Touch in white

Bell is now offering a white version of the HTC Touch to its customers. Aside from the new coat, this latest Touch is the same as the one that Bell launched at the end of last year on its EV-DO high speed mobile network.

The HTC Touch is available for as little as CAD$99.95 (with a 512MB SD card) with a three-year contract directly from Bell Mobility. Like its sibling, it can be bundled with unlimited access to the Internet and email for just CAD$7 a month. Without a contract, it is available for CAD$399.95.

Interestingly, Verizon was long rumoured to be the first North American carrier to get the white version (as the Verizon XV6900). It might still be coming but it won’t be a first for Verizon anymore.

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