Zumobi announces partnership with Microsoft

Zumobi announced a partnership with Microsoft where its Zooming User Interface and mobile widget platform will be distributed with Windows Mobile. “This strategic partnership benefits all of our constituencies – consumers, developers, content providers, carriers and advertisers – and enables us to continue building momentum quickly with our audience of techno-culturists and mobile business users," said Eric Hertz, CEO of Zumobi.

Zumobi revolutionizes the way people access, retrieve and share Web-based content on their mobile phones. Through an intuitive, lush user interface, Zumobi allows people to easily “bounce” in and out of snack-sized bits of the entertainment they want and to stay on top of the information they need throughout the day, while offering advertisers a better way to connect with consumers through their mobile phones.

Zumobi has a Flash demonstration of the Zooming interface if you want to see it for yourself.

The press release does not answer one question: Will device manufacturers have the choice of including it or will the Zumobi interface be a standard application with every copy of Windows Mobile?